Welcome to my website, where you can find out a bit about me, my books and keep up with all my writing news. 

About Me

My main career was nursing, but I also trained and worked for many years as a relationship counsellor with Relate. Widowed in 1992, I re-married and now live with my husband in Wiltshire, where I enjoy riding my horse in the beautiful Pewsey Vale, reading, writing, and keeping up with my grandchildren. I also write regularly to a prisoner on Texas Death Row.

I first started writing as a child; mainly poetry, but there was one horrific novel (mercifully, never finished) in which a woman gives birth to a hideously deformed child in a thunderstorm. While I was bringing up my four children, I began writing and selling short stories to magazines before the enforced immobility following a fractured spine gave me the time to tackle my first novel.

All my books are very strongly relationship-based. My writing has also been affected by my widowhood, and my books sometimes include issues of death and bereavement. Strangely (and not by design) they all seem to include pet animal funerals (not a subject which normally occupies my mind!).


Random Facts

Favourite book: Middlemarch by George Elliot
Favourite music: Bach’s St. Matthew Passion
Favourite food: carpaccio of beef
Favourite word: pencil
Favourite place: Corsica
Favourite insect: any kind of bee
Most afraid of: heights and deadlines, not necessarily at the same time
Most proud of: my kids
Worst failings: indecision and procrastination

Contact Email: franstott@waitrose.com
My current Blog: francesgarrood.blogspot.com