Dead Ernest

This was my first novel and was entered in the Richard and Judy How To Get Published competition. There were 43,000 entries, and while I didn't win, Macmillan, who were judging the competition, wrote to me and said they liked my book and subsequently published it in 2007. The novel tells the story of Annie, newly-widowed and struggling with very mixed feelings about the death of her abusive husband. It was republished by Sapere Books in 2018. 

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Cassandra's Secret

Cassandra Fitzpatrick’s family isn’t quite like everybody else’s: her house is always full to bursting with the various misfits her mother houses as lodgers. The creative and chaotic household is all she has ever known and loved, until something awful happens that changes everything. Cassandra's Secret is both a coming-of-age story and poignant return to the past, an intricate family drama of the close bond between mother and daughter, and the strength of love needed to overcome abuse and grief.

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Women Behaving Badly

This was first published in 2012, with a new edition out in 2018 published by Sapere Books. It recounts the lives and loves of three very different women, who form an unlikely friendship after being recruited into a “Basic Theology far Fallen Women” class intended to encourage them, among others, to mend their ways. Unfortunately, the meetings have the opposite effect…

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